Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thanksgiving in New York.

Well, this year was a little different for us.  It was our first Thanksgiving away from our Texas Family.  Luckily I have family on Long Island; only 4 hours away from Boston.  So Kevin and I decided to spend this Thanksgiving in New York.  A couple of days before Thanksgiving I had my 25th birthday.  Kevin and I celebrated by going to watch the Harry Potter movie and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory!  Perfect!

Going to New York for Thanksgiving break was amazing.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family.  My Abuela surprised me with a birthday/baby present.  She hand crocheted a baby blanket!

My Aunt Rosa and Uncle Frank were the hosts of this big 21 member family gathering.  It was great conversing with everyone!  Having Thanksgiving in New York was so much fun and I'm glad we could; though we still missed our family back in Texas.

(This is all the November birthdays that were in attendance with my cousin Manuel and Uncle Frank as the exceptions who have theirs in August)

As we were heading back to Boston my Aunt Clara and Uncle Phil gave us this adorable sweater and hat for Little Liam!

I feel so blessed this time of year surrounded by loved ones.