Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1 Month Old

 On March 24th Liam turned 1 Month Old!!

At his one month appointment:

  • Received his second HepB shot (We both cried)
  • 22 3/8 inches (80th percentile)
  • 11 lbs 8.6 oz (90th percentile)

Pat, our pediatrician, is really impressed with how well Liam can hold his head up!  She also says we don't have to worry about him eating ;-)  Our little chucka munka.

I can't believe how fast he is growing already!

He can really hold his head up, has grown out of newborn clothing, has started squealing, and has started to slobber a little - mainly when he puts his hand in his mouth.

Quilt Moma made

Boston St. Patty's Day Parade 2011

Kevin's 24th Birthday!

For Kevin's birthday we went on the hunt for a Recliner a gift from his mom.  Between stores we had lunch at On the Border where they sang to Kevin and gave us sopapillas!!
After shopping we went home where Kevin opened more presents

The prized recliners

Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 weeks old!

 Liam turned 3 weeks old on St. Patrick's Day 3/17/11 [Which happens to be his Aunt Danielle's birhday!]

To celebrate we (Liam & Crystal) took full advantage of the gorgeous day outside and went walking and shopping around Arlington, MA.  I used my Moby Wrap today instead of the stroller.  When we got home Liam was in such a great mood that I laid him out in his activity mat where he spent his time staring at all the pretty colors.  When ended the day with a family photo, when Kevin got home, and a bath.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nana and Poppi visit Boston

My mom came up to Boston Feb. 16th before Liam was born to be prepared in case he decided to come early; which he was only a day early.  After Liam graced us with his presence my dad flew up to Boston.  I was so blessed to have both my parents here.  My mom made us dinner and made sure I ate lunch and took a nap.  They were there for me to hand over Liam, which they waited patiently for, when I needed to get a few things done.  We were all sad when they had to leave.  :-(  Living so far away is not something any of us like; so we treasure the time we have together.  Nana and Poppi were a tremendous blessing and we can't wait for them to see their Grandson again!  

These are some photos we took on 3/3/11 when Liam was one week old!  Such a cutie!!

1st Doctors Appt.

Liam did great at his first appointment.  We went on Monday Feb. 28th.  Getting out of the house was an adventure.  Making sure we timed everything just right was a little tricky.  We had to go to the lab to get blood drawn to test Liam's Bilirubin levels to see if he was all cleared.  Liam was fine with getting his heel pricked but he really disliked them squeezing it to get the amount of blood they needed.
The test results took a little while but we got good news!  His levels had lowered tremendously!  Which means that we didn't have to supplement anymore!  The pediatrician was so pleased.  During the doctor's visit we also found out that he was less than an ounce away from his birth weight!  He really knows how to be a healthy growing baby.

Gifts for Liam's arrival into the world!

Liam's just hanging out
as we wait to hear the results
from his Bilirubin test
Family all dressed in blue
heading to Liam's 1st doc appt.

0 months old

 My mom bought these stickers to put on Liam monthly to represent how old he is.  Since he isn't even a month old yet we put the "0" on him :-)

I had my picture taken with this bear when I was a newborn!

Liam has pretty good head control, can already put his hands in his mouth (3/8/11), has already changed his cry from a "tea kettle" sound to a "ma" sound, and he just growing way to fast for this mama.

Born at 8 lbs 15 oz, 21 1/4 inches.  He also for his first HepB shot.

Home at Last

We headed home on Saturday the 26th of February.  It was such a relief being at home.  I look back on that day and am still in awe.  We took a moment to take it all in.  Then, we went into the nursery to show Liam his room.  He was asleep through most of this so we took a picture with him next to his new blanket Nana got for him.  We had his first diaper change at home, my first time to get spit-up on, the dogs first time to meet Liam, and his first sleep (in his first set of pjs) at home.  It was a very fulfilling day.  :-)  <3