Saturday, March 12, 2011

1st Doctors Appt.

Liam did great at his first appointment.  We went on Monday Feb. 28th.  Getting out of the house was an adventure.  Making sure we timed everything just right was a little tricky.  We had to go to the lab to get blood drawn to test Liam's Bilirubin levels to see if he was all cleared.  Liam was fine with getting his heel pricked but he really disliked them squeezing it to get the amount of blood they needed.
The test results took a little while but we got good news!  His levels had lowered tremendously!  Which means that we didn't have to supplement anymore!  The pediatrician was so pleased.  During the doctor's visit we also found out that he was less than an ounce away from his birth weight!  He really knows how to be a healthy growing baby.

Gifts for Liam's arrival into the world!

Liam's just hanging out
as we wait to hear the results
from his Bilirubin test
Family all dressed in blue
heading to Liam's 1st doc appt.

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