Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1 Month Old

 On March 24th Liam turned 1 Month Old!!

At his one month appointment:

  • Received his second HepB shot (We both cried)
  • 22 3/8 inches (80th percentile)
  • 11 lbs 8.6 oz (90th percentile)

Pat, our pediatrician, is really impressed with how well Liam can hold his head up!  She also says we don't have to worry about him eating ;-)  Our little chucka munka.

I can't believe how fast he is growing already!

He can really hold his head up, has grown out of newborn clothing, has started squealing, and has started to slobber a little - mainly when he puts his hand in his mouth.

Quilt Moma made

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