Friday, May 15, 2015


Liam is our Moose

I've decided to a few posts on each child to give an update on them as I was kinda MIA for 2 years. 

Liam is now 4 years and 3 months old!  He is so so proud to be 4. Turning 4 was a big birthday for Liam. Like everything started once he turned four in his mind. He even requests thing in 4s. (i.e. 4 crackers). Liam is full of energy. He is very cunning and loves making funny faces. He also loves potty humor, as most four year olds seem to.

Below are some pics from both Liam's 3rd and 4th Birthdays.

Liam's 3rd Birthday:

Farm Theme birthday party with friends, then on his birthday we went to Sky Zone and Chuckie Cheese!

"Pig pen"

Liam didn't like all the attention with singing Happy Birthday

PaPa, Mama, Liam time on his actual birthday

3 years old!

Liam's 4th Birthday:

We didn't do a full on birthday party for Liam for his 4th, but we still had a great celebration!
McDonalds with a playspace, Legoland, and Ninja Turtle Cake!

4years Old!


Chipmunk Cora

I am loving being a mom.  As challenging as it can be, its just as awesome.  It is so true how your love grows.  'Baby' Cora is now 2 years and 4 months old!  I absolutely love her to pieces.  Since I didn't post much of Cora growing up, I hope she'll forgive me, I thought I'd post her monthly pics and some Cora facts. 

Loves to eat all kinds of foods. She really is our chipmunk, she even stuffs food in her cheeks ;-). She is just so stinking cute and full of spunk. She has had a mind of her own since she was just a few months old. She is very opinionated. Loves tutus. Loves getting dirty. Loves to pester, play, and wrestle with her big brother. Never stops moving; she started walking at 9 months! Doesn't like to be told no. Is very dramatic. Knows how to put on the water works. Loves Frozen and singing. Is a very caring a sweet Big Sister to Myla

Cora's Frozen 2nd Birthday at Chuckie Cheese

Birthday blueberry muffin breakfast

so proud of her Olaf tattoo