Tuesday, October 2, 2012

19 Months!

19 Months Old!!

This month Liam had his 18 month check up (yes a whole month late!  due to bad calculating)

He is now:
33 1/4 inches long
27 pounds 12.4 ounces
and has a head circumference of 48 centimeters

He loves:
to say Mama and Papa continually
point at everything
if you ask him where something or someone is he loves to say "there!"
Trains! and saying "ooo ooo" for Choo choo
started saying "o maann"
drawing circles
eating "pasta"
learning his numbers and letters
loves to count to 10 (thought he mostly follows you and then shouts "en!")
sticking his fingers in his mouth (as he lacks though pesky Canines)
running everywhere
being outside (he lets you know that he does not want to go inside, even from car to house)
throwing (unfortunately everything and not just balls)
cleaning the floors with his new dust vac!
walking the dogs (he wants to hold the leash ;-))
saying "hhewo"
saying 'aye aye" and signing bye at the same time
when you ask him where his ear is and other body parts so he can show you ;-)
"Melmo" for Elmo

Some of the crazy cute photos we took while trying to get the money shot:

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