Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All caught up

Wow! Gong from July to October is hard stuff!  I have been so far behind.  I mainly was trying to write a post about Germany and got stuck and never moved on.  With a push from my mom, I decided to skip it and BAM! 14 posts pop out!  It feels good to be caught up.  Now to just see if I can keep it up ;-)

I hope you enjoy the posts, though it may be easier to go to the archives side bar and click on them individually versus trying to read them in reverse order ;-)  All the ones under October are the new ones.

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New York for Monica/Philip's wedding

My parents and brother all flew up to Boston so that we could all drive down to New York together to attend my cousins wedding.

September 27th - 30th 

My family flew in on the 26th and we all stayed at our place here in Boston.  The next day we finished packing, got the rental van, loaded up, and drove the 4+ hours to Long Island.  We left at a good time to where Liam slept in the car most of the way.  We first checked into our hotel and then went over to my Aunt Teresa's to have dinner with my Abuela and some family.

Liam dancing some Salsa with Tia Rosa
The next morning we had some time to kill before the wedding and since guys don't take long to get ready, what better way than to go swimming?!!  Liam loved the indoor pool and was in there long enough to turn into a prune ;-)

The wedding was at our families church in Glen Cove.

My sister holding our cousin's son Louis Jr.

It was a very nice wedding.  Liam didn't like being indoors and quickly was restless so Kevin too him to the back of the church until the end of the ceremony.  Once the Ceremony ended and we all went outside through the receiving line and had our bubbles for the bride and groom to go through.  This was Liam's favorite part!  And he got very upset when the lid got "stuck" or the bubble ran out.  He was such a cutie in his suit though :-)

Not wanting to let go of bubbles makes for a hard time to get a family photo.

My amazing parents
My family

Wedding while pregnant with Liam
Wedding while pregnant with #2 ;-)
Can you tell this one is due over a
month earlier?

Kevin and I took Liam back to our hotel where we had a babysitter and then we headed to the Reception!  This place was beyond crazy fancy!  There were 2 cocktail hours, a martini bar that came down from the ceiling, a revolving wall that presented the bride and groom all the while having a HUGE LCD screen behind them with firework images, the food was delicious and endless.  I went home with ears ringing of Salsa music, but we had a great time

The next day we didn't have anything scheduled but a Brunch at my Aunts house so this time we all went swimming in the morning!

The next few are from the Brunch at my Aunt's house where Liam was able to play with his cousin Louis Jr.


On our way back to Boston we stopped over in Locus Valley to pay my Abuelo a visit.  This was the first time Christopher had been there.