Tuesday, October 2, 2012

15 Months!

Back in May 2012 our big guy turned 15 months old!

We were in Aachen, Germany at the time attending a Plasma Science International Conference for Kevin's work with MIT.  Germany was amazing and I can't wait to make a second trip someday.  We all had a good time, though it was tiring at times, and I am so glad that we were able to enjoy it all with Liam!

Liam was a very good traveler in Germany!

Happy 15 months Liam!

Liam loves to eat all kinds of foods.  He sleeps well, Loves to walk/run around and to be worn!  He loves to talk and take in all the things the world has to offer.

I didn't do a blog post for Germany, that has been really my hold up from posting anything so I decided to skip it as it was just too big!  However, I have really wanted to post some pictures of what we did and what better place than during Liam's 15 month post?!  (Since this could count as our celebration of being blessed with such an amazing gift for 15 months!)  So here are some photos showing Liam's adventures throughout Germany!!

Sleeping in the basinet on the Plane ride to Germany
We stayed with one of my friends' Mother-in-law's house in
Germany at the beginning of our trip to get use to the
time difference and relax

in Aachen
Church in Aachen

on a boat!

Horse Statue outside the Aachen train station
In the Bell Tower of the Dom (Cathedral) in Cologne!

Inside the Cologne Cathedral (Dom)

Waiting for our train back to Aachen

In Monschau

Hammock time while visiting some of our German friends
In Viesebeck

water fun time!

Finger/hand painting!

What a relaxing hammock!

Parade in our friends home town for Pentacost (Pfingsten)! (Viesebeck)
Gardens in Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Rothenburg ob der Tauber

 Lindau/Lake Constance

we found a water park!
pool fun!

The next day we found an indoor kinderspiel-Welt (child's play world)
they had big blow-up slides and obstacles

in Lindau

Lake Constance

Near Scheidegg on our way to the tree top Sky Walk
the stairs to go up!
 don't worry there was an elevator too

Neuschwanstein Castle

a waterfall!

the highest peak in Germany (9718 ft)

Gondola back down to Ehrwald, Austria

Chinese tower in the biergarten located in the
"central park"of Munich called the English Gardens
the start of his love our shoes ;-)

The flight back to Boston!

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