Tuesday, January 24, 2012

11 Months Old!

Liam is 11 months old!!  He's one month shy of a year!! 

This whole last month we have been working on Liam walking.  He has been so close!  He would even take a few steps!  

He also says: More 'or', Tractor 'actor', Fish 'ish', Ma, da, doggie, and cat.
He also tries to mimic almost everything you say!  

He loves to feed himself now.  He will even take a fork and try stabbing his food and then, though mostly empty, will take it and put it in his mouth!  What surprised us is that we never actually taught him how to do this so it must of just happened from watching us!  They really are like sponges.  Since he likes to feed himself he is mostly eating solids and less and less purees.  He will even climb up to you while you are eating and ask for 'ore'.

He can blow bubbles now too, which you can see here.  It really funny when you're walking around a store and then your son starts making these weird noises and it turns out he's blowing bubbles...

His third tooth has finally come in too!

We flew down to Houston 1/13 for my cousin Steffie's wedding reception on the 14th.

Aunt Mary, Uncle Wayne, Steffie, and Vince

It was really great to see the family again.  and of course they love loving on Liam

Liam is crazy about Wolfie and its a good thing Wolfie tolerates him ;-)

Last night and then again this morning Liam surprised by walking!!  He thought it was so funny and was so proud of himself that he would start clapping!  He is so cute!!  Its like it just 'clicked'.  We are so proud of him!

Monday, January 23, 2012

First "REAL" Snow

 On January 21st we finally got snow!!  So we had fun taking Liam out in it!

Road-trip Back to Boston

In the car again!

Can you find dogs and a cat?

Everyone Sleeping
 We stopped at a mall to let Liam stretch his legs at the indoor playground.

Then we stopped at a Bass Pro Shop!

Loving the Aquarium

He didn't want to leave :-)
 On our way back we Stopped in D.C. to see our friends Jim, Elena, and Santiago

Liam really enjoyed playing with Santiago and I loved watching the two of the interact!  It has been 2 months since they had seen each other last and they played so well together.  The next morning once we said our goodbyes we went on a little sight seeing on our way out of town.

Kevin got to take a picture with the crying, tired Liam

After D.C. we went to Long Island to see my Aunt Rosa and cousins.  The Next Day we went to see my Abuela.

I'm so glad we got to see her as its been months since she saw Liam last.

After we said Goodbye to Abuela we went to see our friends from Germany who were visiting in New York.  Henning, Anja, and Carl Oscar

While we were there I kept telling Liam, "Look Carl Oscar is walking...see you can do it too." haha :-)

The trip back took several days but I can very glad we were able to do it and able to visit with our friends and some family.  By taking several days, each day in the car wasn't so bad either ;-)  I am also really glad that Liam was able to play with his friends that he made in Boston that now reside elsewhere.  It had been awhile since we had seen each other last and it was great to see how our babies have GROWN!