Monday, January 23, 2012

Texas in time for Christmas Eve

 We made it to Texas!! 12/21/11

We had to stop in Texarkana...

At Moma's and Poopa's house
banging on some pots for the first time.

The Animals made the drive too!

His first ride! 12/23/11

The cookie delivering/ caroling crew 12/24/11
We were so glad to see the Robin and the Smiths as its been a long time and we finally got to meet baby Noah!

Christmas Eve

After the Christmas Eve service at church we went to G.G.'s for her annual Christmas Eve Party!
G.G. got Liam a tickle me elmo!  He wasn't too sure about it :-)

crawling away from elmo

What?  a smile!?!

G.G. also got Liam this cool truck!
He loves the music it plays.
 We too got to open a gift!

 Christopher opening his gift from Grandma....

What? I wasn't suppose to open this one?
The New Nook Tabl

Well, since I already saw it...

Playing with his new truck!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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