Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wicked Storm

There was a crazy storm up here in New England yesterday.

I was out picking up Liam when the rain started.  It let up right at the time I was putting Liam and myself in the car.  Thank you Lord as I, of course when I needed it, didn't have an umbrella in the car.  Then with the storm we decided to pick up Kevin from work.  On the way there it started Pouring!  I was so glad Kevin wasn't out walking in the rain.  It took us about 40 mins to get home from Kevin's office, normally 20.  The rain came down so hard that it was like a mini hurricane.  As we got closer to our house the rain was so hard that we turned on our flashers to make sure that the people behind us could see us.  It got really loud too the where I couldn't even hear Kevin talking to me from the back seat.  We were so lucky that Liam happened to fall asleep in the car before I picked up Kevin so he didn't have to experience the storm and we didn't have the added stress of a fussy baby.

There were a lot of limbs and trees down by our house but luckily nothing was damaged on our end.  We apparently lost power at sometime while we were gone but everything was up and running when we arrived and didn't loose it again.  Later after the storm had passed there was some commotion outside with fire trucks and a lot of being the nosy person I am I went in search of what was happening.  There was a little tree fire on the street beside us where some electrical wiring had sparked it.  I'm not sure if it was Cable wiring, or phone, or electric.  but late last night there were some trucks to replace and fix the problem.  The whole fire was a little unspectacular.  It was so good that everything was wet since that cause the fire to stay local to the wires and not spread.  It was kind of neat though to just see the fire putt out when they turn the power source off.  No water hoses necessary.

So that was our excitement in our neck of the woods yesterday; and Liam missed the whole thing :-).  I hope everyone is safe and okay.  Good luck and thank you to all the busy workers out today cleaning everything up.  It is so neat to watch how fast they work.

These are pictures of a tree down at a park down the street from us...