Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Woller Family catch up Part 1

It has been over a year(s) since I have really sat down at the computer to work on our blog.  Needless to say I am super behind.  I basically haven't posted the whole 2 years of our second child's life!  Adjusting to life with two, and now THREE, has been a world wind.  From making sure Liam gets his needed one on one time and attention, to battle postpartum depression from Cora, to the joys of watching siblings bond and grow, to living life to its fullest, traveling, pregnant with our 3rd, and welcoming baby Woller #3 into our lives.

I now have access to editing the blog on my phone so I am hopeful that I will be more diligent with posting. Though the reality is slim. 

We have done a lot over the last 2 years. 

We bought the house we were renting, renovated said house while pregnant with Cora.  When Cora was a few months old we moved in to the upstairs apartment and renovated the downstairs. Then we rented out the downstairs apartment in November.  Many days were spent at Home Depot and other Home improvement places.

shower after

shower before

original wood floors in our second floor Kitchen found under layers of linoleum 
Bought Liam a huge Sand Box

Celebrated 10 years together!
 Many beautiful trips to Walden Pond

Liam tried out the skateboard

We went to see Thomas!

I ran my first 5k and with Cora

Family Bike Rides

Went to Sir Richards Kings Fair

Toured all over Boston

G.G. came up to Boston!
Nana came to visit too!
Liam was a Dinosaur/Dragon and Cora was a Chipmunk

The Red Sox won the World Series!

I made my first Turkey

We cut down our own Christmas Tree
We got another cat "Ori"

Cora turned 1!

Snow fun
Liam met The Doctor

Chinese New Year in Chinatown
Had a Valentines Day Cruise

 Liam Turned 3!

Moma came up and baked Bread with Liam

Kevin and I saw YoY Ma

We went Snowboarding

We were able to take the kids to the Big Apple Circus

Happy Easter 2014!

Drove to Texas (With stop in NY)

Traveled to Japan, just Kevin and Myself!

last nurse with Cora before I left, ended up
 being our last last :-( 

Made it to Tokyo!
First Skype Session with the kiddos left mama in tears

We made it to Kanazawa for
Kevin's Conference
my tour guide for the
spouses and partners

gold wrapping chopsticks

Our day trip

silk painting

bamboo forest!

Bamboo Forest

The BEST Ramen!!!

Fish market where I had the
biggest Oyster I've ever seen!!!
Back in Tokoyo

back home in TX with our kiddos

We had some Fun back in TX
visiting Noah in Abiliene

George Strait Concert

Floor Seats for George Strait with my Sister and Brother-in-law

Lacrosse with Papi

Visited with the Jeske's

Cousin in South Texas for Uncle Andy's Wedding

to Be continued….