Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Months!

3 months already!?!  
Liam is growing by leaps and bounds.

The day before he turned three months (5/23) he learned to roll over from back to front!!  Its only on his left side but he has for sure mastered it! He has been trying for a few days now and kept getting frustrated and crying because he couldn't turn himself over.  Mama and Papa knew it was coming so we had the camera ready!! ( though I haven't converted the video yet)  I was such a proud and sad Mama the moment it happened.

Now once you lay him on his back he easily rolls over, with no fussing.  At least he can't do it swaddled yet...once that more swaddle.

Rolling over is just the start of what mobility is to come but I still can't believe its already here.


Liam also loves his doorway jumper!!  He's a big 3 month old so we feel secure putting him in it before he's 4 months.  We placed him in it for the first time on May 12th.  It was so much fun watching him try to figure it out and how excited he got when he got it to bounce!

Liam and I are out of the house almost everyday.  We go to different mom groups throughout the week.  Its so exciting seeing him interact with other babies.  He even learns things from them too!  This young!

Liam still talks to us daily and has seemed to found his voice as he like to be part of the 'choir' at church and just throughout the day.  His sleeping schedule has been fluctuating as he continues to grow.  A favorite is to sleep in Mama's arms.  He now weighs almost 15 lbs!!!  Our little Chunka Munka has filled our hearts with so much joy.  We are so thankful to God for giving us such a blessing.

We Love you Liam!  More than you know.

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