Thursday, April 3, 2014

Don't cut the sandwich

So I haven't written in over a year.   However, today was just too much not to write about.  And it's only 1pm.

So it started like any other day.  I sleep in a little, 7am, while amazing husband takes 3 year old toddler down stairs for breakfast, 6am.  Normally I go get baby, now 14 months, when she wakes and bring her back to bed with me and nurse her until I'm ready to get up or she's too restless to stay in bed.  Then we join the boys down stairs.  However, husband got the baby since I was tuning her out for 'too' long this morning.  Still it was freaking 7am when I got downstairs AND no coffee waiting. I mean come on amazing husband where's the coffee.

Fast forward to husband leaving for work/school, me 'playing' with the kids.  'playing' meaning sort of reading books to the baby while watching Trophy Wife on hulu since the boy has the iPad claiming he HAD to watch the snail movie (Turbo).  I look out the window and think wow its super nice out we should go out.  I ask the boy if we can go for a walk? "no"  "What if we walk down to the library?" "no" "Want to ride your bike or scooter?" "no" "We really should go outside its super nice." "i don't want to go outside. I want to ride my scooter" "Oh great! Let's go!" letting him think it was his idea is key here…  "Okay we need to get you dressed and put on socks and shoes." "NO!" I try again and again and just get shut down. Of course! At this point I need a break.  Sh!t it's only 9:00!  So, I watch more Trophy Wife and just pretend that he's watching something educational. Pick your battles people.

So, kids dressed still refuses to go out so I leave him upstairs without videos and take sister down stairs.  he'll see we left eventually and wonder where we gone.  So I decide to go out on our back porch.  We haven't been out there all winter so I decided it was time to clean it up and let the baby play.  The boy came down and I brought out bubbles and they played some basketball. Bickering through out (a whole other post is needed for this)

Now enters lunch. I say PB&J and get an instant, "I don't want a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich" (I miss his "butter jelly butter sandwich") "Ok", I say. 10 minutes later… "Mama, I TOLD you I need a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich."  "Please?" "Please, Mama" "Okay, let me make you one." (Pick your battles, now is not the time to correct this 'I told you' crap.)

Start of happy lunch before broken sandwich reached critical mass

I make two sandwiches and cut the baby's in half and Liam tells he wants his cut in half too.  I ask him if he's sure he wants his cut in half like sisters. "Yes, mama I want it cut."  Now is when I do the unthinkable rookie mistake, I cut the sandwich in half.  The problem wasn't noticed at first, stealth little booger, so we have our first 2014 meal out on the back porch.  Then after having some snap pea crisps he decides to take a bite of his sandwich. "Mama, you need to put this back together.  Put this back together along this line."  Telling a toddler you physically can't put back a sandwich after its cut unless you were glue it and you can't eat glue doesn't work.  There was no reasoning with him, why would there be I mean come on.  Doesn't matter if you tell him he asked for it this way.  Doesn't matter that its still they same sandwich.  Its broken now and you can't fix it.  There were so many tears over this.  I tried to just stand firm but between that and the yelling at his sister for trying to steal his sandwich, the one he wouldn't eat, I just couldn't take it.  So, I made him a new one.  A whole one.  And thank goodness it worked and the hysteria stopped.
Solution to Liam being unhappy with the food snatcher

So, whatever you do, Don't cut the boy's sandwich in half.  Even if he tells you he wants it that way.  He's lying.  If you happen to believe him, make sure you have back up ingredients.

Finally, a sandwich he can eat.  Little Turd. still cute though
I guess objecting to everything is tiring for a 3 year old because as I came downstairs from putting the baby to sleep for nap time I found this:

But hey, now both kids are napping! Woohoo! Bring out the wine ;-)

I have been encouraged to write from my amazing friend from the blog: thegirlisamom.  I love you Kim!