Monday, July 25, 2011

5 months old!

Our little Liam is growing so fast!
After we came back from Texas we had is 4 month doctors appointment.  There he received his shots and we were told we could start him on solids.  He now eats Avocado, oatmeal cereal, Summer Squash, and Banana.  We sit him down in his highchair around 6 every night and we all have dinner together.  With the solids he also has a sippy cup full of water.  He just played with it in the beginning, but now he's actually drinking water!
He's in his exersaucer almost everyday.  He loves it!  
He in very much in the pre-crawling stage.  He in on his hand and knees constantly and even gets on all fours sometimes!  We think in the next couple of weeks he'll be crawling.  Time to baby proof!
He's also starting to drool a lot more....are teeth in our near future?!?
We went to the Aquarium this month and Liam loved looking at all the fish in the fish tanks.  We have so much fun watching him explore new things.
We are so blessed to have Liam in our lives.  He sure is a bundle of joy.

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