Friday, April 17, 2015

Baby Woller #3's Home Birth

On Monday April 13, 2015 I had my daily acupuncture at 9:10am down the street, only a 10 minute walk from our house.  It was a new place I had started trying since I got a free gift card there.  They do community acupuncture and this was my 7th time going.

After Acupuncture I took the Kids to the Zoo and met up with some friends of ours and we went back to their house for more playdate fun.  I had my 40 wk MIT midwife appt at 4:15.  They wanted to do a non stress test on the baby since I was 40wks 3 days, so I arrived early.  I was strapped to a monitor to measure the baby's heart rate and movement.  After eating some chocolate the baby moved enough for a long enough period of time that made Vera, my midwife, happy.  Then she decided to check me, I was curious anyway.  At 36wks, when Vera checked me I was already 2cm and 50% effaced, but apparently that doesn't mean too much the 3rd time around.  So, on Monday I was 4-5cm and 100% effaced.  She said she was surprised I wasn't in labor already.  I always felt like my body was ready to deliver this baby, just that she wasn't quite ready yet.  I texted my friend Kim, who would come help with the kids if needed, and our birth photographer Jenn to give them a heads up that tonight might be the night.  I scheduled an acupuncture session @7:30 that evening with the same place I went to when I was pregnant with Cora and wanted to help to induce labor.  I just felt that they did a more spiritual acupuncture that seemed to work better for me.  I had some contractions during acupuncture, but they seemed to die down later that evening, so Kevin and I went to bed.

Tuesday April 14, 2015
I woke up at midnight feeling a little funny.  At 12:10am I recorded my first contraction. I walked around the room and Kevin got up sensing things were happening.  He helped me through some of my contractions by doing the hip squeeze maneuver.  I also tried a couple of contractions on the yoga ball and other positions, leaning over and holding on to the bathroom counter seemed to work best. We also put on my relaxing massage music.  I continued to record and track my contractions for an hour.  I wanted to make sure that these contractions were going to turn into real labor.  I had a tough false labor the weekend before, but then I had just expected it to stop and it did.  This time, after an hour, or close to it (1am), I texted my home birth Midwife Tammy that I thought it was time and that my contractions were about 4 mins apart and lasting about a minute.  I also texted Jenn, our Photographer, but told her I'd give her more info when the midwife got there. During the hour that I was tracking my contractions, Kevin pulled out the birthing tub from the closet and finished blowing it up in our bedroom and put the liner on it.  After I texted Tammy, Kevin got the go ahead from me to start filling the Tub.  Then, Kevin went downstairs and pulled our cars up in the driveway so that our home birth team could park in our driveway since Arlington has a no nighttime street parking policy.   Good news is now we know that we can fit  5 cars in our driveway even with our huge van!

The tub was able to fill up about half way before the hot water ran out.  Kevin went and got our little electric Tea Kettle.  This was about 1:40am now and contractions started to get stronger than before, though I didn't feel like they were unbearable.  I texted Tammy and Jenn.  I went to the bathroom and decided to sit on the toilet for a contraction.  At 1:42am my water broke while I was on the toilet, deja vu to Cora's birth.  Here is Cora's Birth Story.  I texted Tammy immediately that I thought my water broke.  I was starting to panic. The contraction that happened during my water breaking was not easy.  A lot of pressured followed.  Kevin was filling up our tea kettle at this time and stopped to come over and help me.  My mind started racing.  I was thinking how the midwife wasn't here yet, how my phone started getting texts and I couldn't reply, how I couldn't move very well…  Kevin asked if I'd like to get in the tub, I said of course I want to get in the tub!  Kevin helped me up and we walked from the bathroom to the birthing tub.  All the while having a really long, strong contraction.  Its really hard to walk during a contraction.  I said,  "I need this contraction to stop!"  God seemed to hear my cry as I was able to take a breath and continue walking to the tub, which was maybe 2 feet from the bathroom.  Kevin helped me get into the tub and I just sunk down onto my knees.  Luckily the half full tub was still full enough for my bottom to still be in the water.  The water immediately took away the burning sensation that had just started on our way to the tub and I felt my tense body relax.  As soon as I got in the tub on my knees I spoke very loudly saying, "she's coming right now."  I put my hands down.  I remember feeling no pressure to feeling the start of a contraction, then I felt her head coming down.  Oh, her head is out, oh there's her shoulders, arms, body, legs, and feet all in one swoop.  There was no pushing.  She just kinda fell out all at once in that one contraction.

So at 1:45am, just 3 minutes after my water broke, she was born into my hands in the water in our home. (April 14th also happened to be our original estimated due date before they moved it to April 10th.)

We were in complete shock.  I couldn't believe how quick it was.  I didn't think that I could have a quicker birth than I did with Cora, but this baby proved that wrong.  We did it!  Before our birthing team arrived.  That part wasn't planned, unassisted delivery.  I just sat back in the tub in complete awe.  After a bit, I Facetimed with my mom.  Then at 1:50am our photographer arrived; about 20 minutes later our midwife arrived.

Could not have done it without my amazing husband. I love you Baby. 

We were so excited that it was a bit before we checked the gender. Kevin, "It's a girl!"  Baby girl was very eager to nurse and began rooting shortly after delivery :-)

There was still lots to do and I am forever grateful that we had our birthing team.  Tammy helped me get out of the tub and deliver the placenta.  Then she wrapped the placenta up and the baby and I just laid on the bed for about an hour.  The midwife's assistant, Kim, had arrived and they started to put the tub away.  After that was finished and things were in order, Kevin cut the cord and the baby was assessed.  She weighted in at 9 pounds 3 ounces!!  What a whopper!  She out-weighed Liam.  Here's 
Liam's birth story  She's also 20.5 inches long and as healthy as can be. 

I was then checked for tearing and Kevin was finally able to hold his new daughter.  Our awesome friend and Photographer Jenn then left while Tammy and Kim finished things up with me.  I did get light headed and fainted when I tried to stand with the midwife before they left due to blood loss from the quick delivery.  My body didn't get the memo that it didn't need to continue to pump blood to the baby.  So I was ordered to stay in bed, eat protein, stay hydrated, and not carry the baby for 24hrs. No problem. (I was back to normal the next day) All was said and done around 4:30am and we tried to get some sleep before the big kiddos would wake up for the day, they slept through the whole thing! Well, of course they both woke at 6am but they came in to a nice surprise and were able to meet their baby sister for the first time.

her rash from such a quick delivery
Timing couldn't have been more perfect as my mom was flying in that day at noon.  So my mom was able to meet the baby at less than 12 hours old.

Nana meeting and holding the new baby

baby and I had a nice herbal bath together

On Friday April 17, 2015 we finally named our baby girl….

Myla Jane Woller

Woller Family of 5

This birth was simply amazing.  I had wanted a home birth after Cora was born but didn't think we could do it financially since having a hospital birth would have been cheaper out of pocket.  Through Kevin's support and encouragement I was able to have my dream birth.  It has been so nice to be in our home and not have people coming in and out of our room at all hours to check on us.  We have been able to bond and go at our own pace.  I am forever grateful for this.  I have never felt better after a birth than I do now.