Monday, March 7, 2011

Labor and Delivery (L.B.W.)

My mom flew up to Boston on Feb. 16th.  We started doing projects and running errands to kill time and days.
Finally, on Feb. 22nd I started having contractions at midnight.  They were coming about every 6 mins.  We decided to call the doctor around 4am but they said it was still too soon to come in.  I some how was able to get a couple hours sleep.  Kevin and I walked a lot the following morning down the Minute Man Bike Path to help move things along.

At noon on the 23rd, when the contractions seemed closer together, we called the hospital again and they said to come on over!

Sunday Feb 20th

As soon as we arrived they checked me and I was at 4cm!!!  So we were checked in to stay!

The contractions were getting pretty strong and tiring after laboring through them on my own for 12 hours so I opted for an epidural. (Definitely the right decision)

With the epidural I was able to get some sleep but the down side was that it made me super thirsty and they wouldn't let me drink too much water.  I did stock up on ice chips though :-)

Finally, after laboring for 28 hours Liam Benjamin Woller was born on Feb. 24th at 3:59am!!!  He was a whopping 8 lbs 15oz and 21 1/4 in. long!!

1st Family Photo

Papa and Liam for the first  time

Nana and Liam meet for the 1st time

After we were all fine and collected, we moved into our postpartum room to recover for two days.

Unfortunately, the night before we were suppose to be discharged, Liam had a Bilirubin test and his numbers were way too high.  So, he had to go under the Bilirubin lights for 3 hour intervals then he was brought back to me for feeding.  I was 'discharged' around 7am but I was able to stay in our room while we waited on Liam to get better.  Luckily his numbers went down so he was able to be done at 4pm versus the original 9pm that we thought.  It was pretty scary thinking Liam might need to stay longer than I could.

Thankfully, Liam kicked bilirubin butt and we were all able to head home at 4pm on the 26th!  

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