Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nana and Poppi visit Boston

My mom came up to Boston Feb. 16th before Liam was born to be prepared in case he decided to come early; which he was only a day early.  After Liam graced us with his presence my dad flew up to Boston.  I was so blessed to have both my parents here.  My mom made us dinner and made sure I ate lunch and took a nap.  They were there for me to hand over Liam, which they waited patiently for, when I needed to get a few things done.  We were all sad when they had to leave.  :-(  Living so far away is not something any of us like; so we treasure the time we have together.  Nana and Poppi were a tremendous blessing and we can't wait for them to see their Grandson again!  

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