Thursday, March 24, 2016

Naturally Dyeing Eggs

Naturally dyed eggs is a pretty big thing right now and I wanted to try it out!  So I went online and first looked up how to make a natural dye.  We decided to use Yellow onions skins, beets, turmeric powder, and green tea. Luckily I already had Onions and I had beets in the fridge.  Some use red cabbage and hibiscus powder but I didn't have any.  

As I was boiling the eggs, the kids were able to be my helpers and had fun taking the outer skins off the onions and put them in a pot.  We then put a decent amount of water in it and a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar and brought it to a boil.  I also chopped up the beets and did the same thing.  We boiled them for 30 mins.  I thought I would try some green tea powder, that we got from when we were in Japan, to see if I could make a green dye.  I also boiled some cucumber peel with parsley flakes to experiment with.

While the dyes were preparing and the eggs were in their cooling bath,  the kids and I went into the backyard and went on the hunt for flowers and leaves and anything that struck up the kids' fancy.  Funny thing was it was the second day of Spring and we had just gotten snow!  So we built a snowman.

Once inside, the dyes were finished and I strained them each into a jar.  
Then the kids took our backyard findings and decorated their eggs.      We wrapped each egg in a square of sheer pantyhose and tied off.  
After all eggs were decorated the kids picked which eggs should be which colors.  

After sitting in the dye bath over night we were all anxious to see or results! The darkest eggs are from the beets, the orange/red ones are from the onions, and the yellow ones are from the turmeric, and the light brown ones on the far right are from the cucumber peel.

I just love the way the eggs look!  The ones from the beets and onions are my favorite.

Kevin's 29th Birthday

This past Saturday we celebrated Kevin turning 29.  Yes, he's younger than me ;-).  The kids woke up super excited to celebrate Papa and they couldn't wait to have home open presents.  So that's the first thing we did.

We then went next door to the diner for Breakfast.

After breakfast Papa and Liam wanted to go to the park to play with his new drone he got for his Birthday.  I said we had to go somewhere first.  Of course we had to be there at a certain time and no one new it but me.  Trying to get 6 people out the door quickly without them knowing doesn't work so well.

Surprise!  We're going rock climbing!

Kevin and I took a certification class while my brother watched the little ones.  This place was awesome!  They have this party room which is great for kids!  We all had a blast there and definitely will be back.

After our class we were certified to Belay.  The kids were finally able to climb!

pretending to be Sheldon from Big Bang theory.
Mama time for Myla while I tie Cora on

My brother in the adult climbing area

After rock climbing and getting some food we finally made it to a park to fly Kevin's Qudrocopter.

We went home and warmed up and had cake.

The sparkler candles didn't make it though all that heat...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Woller Family Catch Up Part 2

 See Part One here

On our way back from Texas we stopped by the Crayola Factory.

Once back home we went on a free Ferry ride to Spectacle Island

We took the kiddos to see
Dragon's 2 at a Dinner Movie Theater

We went raspberry and strawberry picking

We bought a used child's seat for Liam and he painted it red, his favorite color. 

Kevin and I saw the
Phantom of the Opera
We went to a Spinners Game
 and rode on Thomas
and Shared a snow cone
I went to Tempe, AZ for a Babywearing Conference and met and reconnected with some awesome people

While Kevin took the kids to a blueberry festival 

more walden pond adventures

Add some Tandem Babywearing

Surprising Papa that we are expecting Baby #3
We went camping

'I love you marshmellow'

Fun at Frog Pond in Boston

Taco night!
We took a trip up to the White Mountains for some fun at Storyland!

More Camping!! (At Otter River State Park)

The kids and I flew down to Florida and met my Dad, Mom and Brother for a little Vacation. Our Condo was on the beach, it was so amazing!

My dad got us awesome tickets to the Redsox!
You could order food from your seat!

we went apple picking

Moma, Erin, and Chaz came for a visit!!
We took Moma down to Plymouth!
and picked out Pumpkins
with a couple of Pumpkins

Baby #3 is a Girl!!

Nana and Papi came up for
Thanksgiving and my Birthday

We drove down to TX for Christmas in our new (to us) Van!

All the Woller Cousins in Decatur for Christmas

Liam tried the BeanStalk ropes course back in MA.
Cora turned 2!

We walked on the frozen Spy Pond!
Liam Ice Skating for the first time

"Touch down!" Patriots win the Superbowl

child labor

Epic Snow

Calls for Epic gear
Cora's first time Ice Skating
Some Belly Shots
The mound is getting bigger

Liam turned 4!

kiddos listening to the baby's
heartbeat with our
home birth midwife
My families horses passed away...

Happy Easter

Last photo as a family of  4
Hiking in Brookline 

Baby #3 Arrived!