Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kevin's 29th Birthday

This past Saturday we celebrated Kevin turning 29.  Yes, he's younger than me ;-).  The kids woke up super excited to celebrate Papa and they couldn't wait to have home open presents.  So that's the first thing we did.

We then went next door to the diner for Breakfast.

After breakfast Papa and Liam wanted to go to the park to play with his new drone he got for his Birthday.  I said we had to go somewhere first.  Of course we had to be there at a certain time and no one new it but me.  Trying to get 6 people out the door quickly without them knowing doesn't work so well.

Surprise!  We're going rock climbing!

Kevin and I took a certification class while my brother watched the little ones.  This place was awesome!  They have this party room which is great for kids!  We all had a blast there and definitely will be back.

After our class we were certified to Belay.  The kids were finally able to climb!

pretending to be Sheldon from Big Bang theory.
Mama time for Myla while I tie Cora on

My brother in the adult climbing area

After rock climbing and getting some food we finally made it to a park to fly Kevin's Qudrocopter.

We went home and warmed up and had cake.

The sparkler candles didn't make it though all that heat...

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