Thursday, March 24, 2016

Naturally Dyeing Eggs

Naturally dyed eggs is a pretty big thing right now and I wanted to try it out!  So I went online and first looked up how to make a natural dye.  We decided to use Yellow onions skins, beets, turmeric powder, and green tea. Luckily I already had Onions and I had beets in the fridge.  Some use red cabbage and hibiscus powder but I didn't have any.  

As I was boiling the eggs, the kids were able to be my helpers and had fun taking the outer skins off the onions and put them in a pot.  We then put a decent amount of water in it and a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar and brought it to a boil.  I also chopped up the beets and did the same thing.  We boiled them for 30 mins.  I thought I would try some green tea powder, that we got from when we were in Japan, to see if I could make a green dye.  I also boiled some cucumber peel with parsley flakes to experiment with.

While the dyes were preparing and the eggs were in their cooling bath,  the kids and I went into the backyard and went on the hunt for flowers and leaves and anything that struck up the kids' fancy.  Funny thing was it was the second day of Spring and we had just gotten snow!  So we built a snowman.

Once inside, the dyes were finished and I strained them each into a jar.  
Then the kids took our backyard findings and decorated their eggs.      We wrapped each egg in a square of sheer pantyhose and tied off.  
After all eggs were decorated the kids picked which eggs should be which colors.  

After sitting in the dye bath over night we were all anxious to see or results! The darkest eggs are from the beets, the orange/red ones are from the onions, and the yellow ones are from the turmeric, and the light brown ones on the far right are from the cucumber peel.

I just love the way the eggs look!  The ones from the beets and onions are my favorite.

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