Tuesday, October 2, 2012

International Babywearing Conference

I attended a Babywearing Conference in DC all the while Kevin and Liam went to Texas to visit family.  

I had so much fun at the Conference!  I have recently become a volunteer with Boston Babywearers.   With that I felt that I needed to get all the info about babywearing that I could and what better way than an actual Babywearing Conference?!  I drove down to DC with two other Boston Babywearer Leaders, Kim and Jessica, through the night and attended the conference the next morning with no sleep!

We attended classes all day for three days.  There was so much to do that even with three people splitting the classes we couldn't attend everything.  

I learned so much from this conference and feel so excited to share all that I can with people interested in babywearing! 

our traveling compaion (our weighted baby doll)

Kim and Jessica waiting for McDonalds to open

check out this awesome carrier! Handmade by a Babywearing Dad!

view of DC from our hotel room

my new Ergo carrier!

visting Liam's friend Santiago!

Elena and I 

had a great time visiting my friends in DC!

awesome babywearing Dad learning a new wrap carry

Arie demonstrating different types of Carriers from different babywearing cultures

Rachel Coleman from Baby Signing time was the guest speaker!!!

Big brother wearing little sister!  The cutest thing!

Boston Babywearers at the BWI confference!

Reunited with my love!

I was so eager to try out our new Ergobaby Performance Carrier!
I think we Love it!

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