Thursday, May 3, 2012

Family Fun

A few weekends ago it was really nice weather in Boston so there was no way we could stay inside!

 We went hiking in the Fells on the 14th of April.  We took the dogs too!  Liam loved exploring!

The next day we took Liam for his first bike ride!!  We went down the street to Spy pond and let him play in the water for a little bit too.  Kevin and I took turns riding with Liam as it was a fun and exciting experience for us too!

Monday was a holiday so we went out again on the 16th.  We took our bikes out and rode all around Cambridge and ended up in Boston at the Esplanade.  On the way to the Esplanade...Liam got a bit tired...  It was so cute how he just slept as I kept riding.


He really enjoyed seeing the duck that came over to say hi. We even let him feed him some bread from our sandwiches.

What's an outing without playing in the park?

Needless to say we had a VERY enjoyable family weekend here in Boston!

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