Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Time

This was my first Christmas away from my family, same for Kevin, and it was our first as our own family.  We stayed in Boston since my due date is January 12th and I'm too far along to travel.  It was sad to be away from family but nice to be able to stay home.  

We took Liam to Faneuil Hall in Downtown Boston for their "Blink!" light show.  We had dinner inside Quincy Market first and then stepped outside to enjoy the show.  It was amazing and moved me to tears! Liam loved all the lights, his eyes were glued to them.

We were hosting Christmas dinner at our house for a few of our friends and their children.  We brought back Pecans from Texas so we had pies to make!  We made two pumpkin and two pecan!  Liam loved helping and using our brand new Mixer we got for Christmas!

Christmas Eve, we let Liam open one gift, which happened to be from G.G.

Quilt G.G. made for Liam!

After Liam went to sleep we pulled
out the rest of the presents :-)

Christmas Morning

Loving his drum set from Papa

We Skyped with our family in Texas and Liam showed them his presents

Liam's gifts minus his Basketball hoop

The pies! For Christmas Dinner
I had forgot to take a picture of the table before we ate.  I was pretty proud of myself for hosting Christmas dinner while 8 months pregnant :-)

Kevin reading to the kids Christmas night
kiddos opening presents

Christmas Cookies Liam made
Loving his Thomas Bath toys from
Uncle Christopher!
The Woller Christmas cookies that we normally help
pass out were sent to us!

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