Monday, December 31, 2012

21 Months

To say Liam's 21 months of life have been a blessing is an understatement. I know I say this many times too. It is just amazing to watch him grow and to be a part of his life. He is full of energy and life.

He also has his meltdowns, throws things, kicks, and has the typical toddler hard time with sharing. I feel for him. It's a hard time in his life where there are lots of rules and things that he isn't suppose to do and yet it so hard to understand them and the reasons. Sometimes I think it's even harder for us parents who are trying to find a way to teach our children these things. Even more so when we feel the pressure from other parents. We get looks when our child misbehaves, as if he is the only toddler to act this way. Sometimes we feel this way too, wondering if its true. With each wonderful new stage in our child's life, and all its blessings, come challenges too. Kevin and I are learning constantly and will continue learn with each child as everyone is different. Every struggle can be difficult and exhausting but there is always a light at the end if the tunnel. It may be a smile, watching him jump and the corresponding "jump jump", watching him play with his trains, drawing, and I love struggle time and watching him sleep peacefully. It is all worth it.

Children are such a blessing and I love that I am a mom. Kevin and I truly feel that we are so very lucky to have this little man in our lives and to be able to call him our son. We love you Liam, so very, very much.

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