Sunday, December 9, 2012

An Oompa Loompa Halloween

This Year I asked Kevin what Liam should be for Halloween.  He immediately said Oompa Loompa. (This seems to be our new tradition, I ask Kevin what the kids will be for Halloween and then I make the costumes ;-).  Last Year Liam was decided to be Moose. )  This year I made pretty much the whole costume.  I bought the turtle neck shirt and then added ribbon to the collar and cuffs.  I made the pants from scratch using one of Liam's pairs as an outline.  I bought the tights, not that talented or patient.  Luckily Liam's brown dress shoes still fit and I just added the swirly balls on top by using a pair of socks, poly-fill, and felt.  Just in case people didn't see the Oompa Loompa I made a Wonka Bar trick or treat bag out of felt ;-)

The first day Liam wasn't in his costume for long so we didn't paint his hair green.  We went to My Gym, like we did last year, to have some wonderful play time and see all the cute kid costumes!

crazy kid couldn't get enough running
The awesome My Gym leaders!

Kevin and his mini me

So, on further explanation of the costume...  Kevin's nickname growing up was Umpa.  Liam looks like his papa; so its really comical to have Umpa and Oompa ;-)

Later that week we went to the MIT Halloween Carnival.  (We sprayed his hair green to get a fuller affect of the Oompa Loompa.  We skipped the orange face paint due to a toddler rubbing his face =  potential orange everywhere!)

Oompa and Umpa

Anna and Liam looking down at the
crowd watching Jenny the Jugglar

On another day, we took Liam to the Halloween fest at the Franklin Park Zoo.

LOVED going down the slide

We met up with my friend Kim and her two daughters Coraline and Arya who were both kitty cats!

Holding hands with Coraline :-)
The park had this amazing new playground we had to check out!

Then we went on to the trick or treating in the zoo.  Liam would say, "or treat!"  So cute!

Loving the baby Gorilla!

Then Finally on Halloween we took Liam trick "or treat"ing for the first time!  It was such a joy to watch him go to the different houses down our street and say "or treat!"

We played with Glow sticks and
the black light when we got home :-)
It was such a fun Halloween!

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