Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas in Texas!

Kevin and I went to Texas for Christmas and New Years!  We drove down to Long Island and stayed with my family Friday (Dec. 17th) night.  We left EARLY the next morning and drove straight down to Texas.  We alternated driving about every 6 hours and stopped every 2 hours.  It took us 28 hours but it was well worth it to see our parents' faces when we surprised them Sunday Morning.

We went to my sister's house before Christmas to celebrate and exchange gifts.  We had so much fun with the Kids!  I've missed them so much!  They were so cute opening their presents.

After leaving Danielle's we went down the street to Chesapeake Energy and took pictures of their massive tree light display.

Christmas Eve the Woller crew did our annual passing out of cookies and caroling, then we went to the Christmas Eve Service at Church and took pictures of the Family, though we were missing Erin and Chazz.

After Church, Kevin and I went over to my Grandma's  for her annual Christmas Eve party.  It was a fun evening filled with food, games, and laughter.
Christmas Morning we headed over to the Woller's where Jaron and Aaden, Kevin's Nephews, ripped through their presents!  It was heartwarming watching the little ones open up their presents.

Kevin and his brother Andy received their old high school football jerseys for Christmas.  They also got "Plinker" guns, which we all had a lot of fun shooting.  So we had them strut their stuff.  It was fun going down memory lane with those jerseys, and seeing how the boys have grown ;-)

We then headed back over to my Parent's to continue the gift of Christmas and eat some Turkey.  My Dad fried up two turkeys this year and we took one back over to the Woller's.  I love fried Turkey!

Our Christmas present :-)

Erin and Chazz came the end of December and stayed til the 2nd.  The whole Woller Sibling Gang was reunited again.  (The first time since May)  We had a fun evening New Year 's Day shooting guns, eating Lasagna, opening presents, playing games, enjoying good conversation, and good company.  We can't wait to go to Texas again!

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