Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First real snow in Boston

Soon after coming back to Boston we had a big snow storm!  It has been the biggest we've experienced while living up here. All the snow in the pictures is from this one snow storm in one day!

Kevin had the lovely job of shoveling.  :-) The worst part was at the end of the driveway where the snow plows blocked it with snow from the street.

We took the dogs out in the snow and to the park down the street.  There was so much that there wasn't any traffic on the side streets that we let Maggie off leash and away she went!  She loved it!  We remembered from past experience with Maggie that she loves the snow and this time wasn't any different. 

We went back to our apartment and let the dogs play some in the backyard.

So of course we had to play too :-)

Kevin loved throwing snowballs at us...

Maggie liked to hide under the grape vines and scare the birds.

Capri like running in the well packed snow but she couldn't stay out too long without her toes freezing :-)

Kevin decided to bury my lower half in the snow.

 Kevin's Snow Angel is below and next to it is our little piece of Texas.

Here are two videos we took later in the week at the park down the street from our Apartment.  The dogs were having so much fun and Kevin and I couldn't stop laughing at how cute Capri was in her new Italian Greyhound Booties!  We all had a blast in the snow!

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