Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NY Baby Shower

On January 22nd, my lovely Aunts on Long Island threw me a Baby Shower!

It had been about a month since we had seen each other last.  So everyone was able to see how much my belly had grown in such a short time!

The lovely Ladies of the evening.

The Fellas with Abuela.  --->

We received so many wonderful gifts from everyone!

My pregnant cousin Cynthia and I. (Who is also expecting a boy in June!)

My amazing cousins who attended!!!

We visited for hours!  It was so much fun visiting with everyone.  Abuela even made all of us laugh uncontrollably.

Kevin had to stay in Boston for an MIT practice test so I was going to go to New York by myself.  My dad, however, was so sweet.  He flew from Texas to Boston just to drive me to New York!  I'm so glad he came.  It was a really good visit for both of us, and he got to see his mom, brothers, and sisters again too.

It was truly an amazing Baby Shower and I am forever thankful!

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